Soeur Jewellery campaign.

Photographed by Marie-Amélie Tondu, styled by Domitille Brion.


Bonpoint Spring-Summer 2021 campaign.

Photographed by Juliette Abitbol et Edouard Sanville.


Soeur campaign for

Fall-Winter 2020. Photographed by Anthony Seklaoui, styled by Priscille D'Orgeval, produced by Saké Paris.

Soeur & La Redoute collaboration campaign for Fall Winter 2020 

Photographed by Johan Sandberg, styled by Esther Loonen, produced by Saké Paris.

Logo design and overall image for Menschenfreund Jewelry.

Creation of an invitation for Soeur Paris' 10th anniversary party. Imagination of the global event.

Jewelry Campaign for Soeur Paris. Photographed by Luna Conte and Alexandra Trotobas.

Layout and art direction assistance for the 6th issue of Mastermind Magazine.

In collaboration with Marie-Amélie Sauvé, Rae Boxer and Rocio Ortiz from Faye and Gina.

Logo design

and overall image

for Camille Gibert Architecture.

Publishing project

of an erotic fiction written in binary language (1-0) illustrated by drawings made during a live modeling session.


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